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Founded by Jennifer Moss in 2005, Hydrostone Osteopathy has been treating patients in the North End of Halifax and beyond, for the last twenty years. 

Jennifer has a special interest in post surgical care. She has completed post graduate training in both concussion management and pelvic health with a focus on uterine and bladder prolapse and incontinence.

Patients can expect a warm, quiet and safe atmosphere in which their needs will be carefully assessed, and their treatment options discussed. 


5539- A  Young Street

Halifax, B3K 1Z7

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Or call / Text

Tel: 902 405 3222
Text: 902 818 1714

Mon-Sat: by appointment only


Osteopathy can be used to treat a wide variety  of painful conditions spanning the whole body from head to toe.

They include symptoms from head and facial injuries, headache, migraine, spinal pain and dysfunctional movement, jaw pain “TMJ/TMD”, pelvic pain, sciatica, knee and foot pain,  plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, receptive strain injuries of the wrist shoulder and elbow.

You begin with anatomy, and you end with anatomy, a knowledge of anatomy is all you want or need
— A.T. Still MD DO Philosophy of Osteopathy


Swedish Massage techniques are used to rehabilitate injuries from accidents or repetitive strain. The benefits of massage include increased circulation in both blood and lymphatic fluid. This helps to decrease swelling from more recent or acute injuries, increase healing time after trauma and decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

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